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The Pain Relief SurgiCenter

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Day of Your Procedure

The Pain Relief Surgicenter

Your procedure will go smoothly if you are prepared and know what to expect. We do our best to prepare every patient so that each procedure goes exactly as planned. Patients can do their part by following all instructions as directed by their physician, completing paperwork in advance, and asking questions about specific concerns.

TIME: Arrive at 4100 Duval Road, Building 3, Suite 100 thirty (30) minutes before your procedure time. Please bring with you a photo ID and your health insurance information or payment. Plan to be at our facility approximately one (1) hour.

TRANSPORTATION: Bring a driver. You will not be allowed to drive yourself home after the procedure. No exceptions will be made to this rule without the doctor’s express written order. DRIVER MUST REMAIN ON PREMISES.

PROCEDURE: One of our staff members will take you to a procedure room. The procedures our doctors perform do NOT require general anesthesia.

Instead, the affected area will be numbed with local anesthesia (numbing medicine) prior to the test or treatment. For some procedures, patients may receive a mild sedative. We have a certified registered nurse anesthesist who can administer conscious sedation for your procedure.

During your procedure, the doctor may use fluoroscopy to guide placement of the needle. For some procedures, contrast dye may be injected into the affected area to help get a better image.

In the office visit prior to your procedure, your doctor will explain what will take place and what to expect. Be sure to bring your questions so your doctor can address them. The more you understand what is being done and why, the more comfortable you will be during the procedure.

Our pain management doctors have performed thousands of procedures in our Austin, Texas pain relief center. We are very good at putting patients at ease for a smooth and successful procedure. For questions about preparing for your procedure and what to do after the procedure, call The Pain Relief SurgiCenter of Austin at (512) 836-1200.